Promotional Mix


While advertising is created, some kinds of purposes like being informative, persuasive, comparative or remainder is considered to reach the consumer. Each product’s advertising has a primary purpose like these.

However PowerAde used more than one purpose when the time is passed, the advertisements are generally in the remainder position.

Therefore, the advertising strategy of PowerAde helps to keep current consumer and improve customer relationship by remanding PowerAde. These advertising strategy make happen in several ways such as websites, commercials and social network.

When the company applies the strategy, they use generally well konown athletes to appeal target consumer.

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For the public relations some believable acts like sponsorships, News, Speeches, Special events, Written materials, AV materials, Public service, Corp. identity, Buzz creation, Web sites for the functions of press relations, product publicity, public affair, lobbying can be used as tools to seem more real for the consumers.

Powerade used some kind of these tools as public relations professionals. To exemplify, it made press releases, conferences, endorsers and special events in addition to family-friendly websites and games and activities. Some examples for works public relations professional do;

> Create good news about Powerade and the Coco-Cola Campony like POWERADE® Southern California High School Baseball Player of the Year award.

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Philippine Basketball Association

> Speeches for Coco Cola is helpful in order to create PowerAde and Coco Cola publicity.

> Special events  like holding conferences and arranging press tours are also considered for Powerade to able to reach target publics like Brampton Centre for Sports & Entertainment.

> Written materals leaves a good impression on target consumers.  Because when these written materials is analyzed, scientific facts like articles and reports about PowerAde can be seen.

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> Different kind of video and slides about PowerAde are online as audiovisual materials.

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> Web site of  PowerAde is also a good one as a tool for public relations. If you want to see you can visit it.

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when these information are considered, it can be observed that PowerAde company has a strong PR staretgy in the area of media endorsements like world cup and 2013 superbowl.


The company of PowerAde attracted target consumer attention by the help of Olympic village locations. In the general case sales promotion includes coupons, contests, cents-off deals and premiums. And Coco Cola company also used these tools of sales promotion.

PowerAde use athletes and athletic associations in the media endorsement and PowerAde is being appeal by the help of this feature of the product.

PowerAde is used these sales promotion tools to promote purchase consumer for the purchase of PowerAde.

Consumer promotions include a wide range of tools.

Printable coupons give the chance of saving 50% of Powerade. People who is intended to use PowerAde coupons may get the double discount.

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By the help of samples of the PowerAde, the company introduce PowerAde and attract attention of great amount of consumer. People can sign up for free PowerAde samples and coupons from the link below.

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When the person who has an account and password earn points enough, the person can earn free PowerAde.  Patronage rewards is also related with

include the programs on loyalty cards that provide benefits for frequent buying.

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Contests like 2013 McDonals All American games PoerAde and Powerade’s Rise Up for Your School Contest give players the chance of sense of wining something.

By the help of  John Mitchell who is coach and ex All Blacks player, PowerAde remind itself. So, in the area of Demonstrations, PowerAde proved itself by the help of special events which is Currie Cup Victory.

“We want to inspire and motivate young individuals to make sure they maintain their forward momentum and achieve their goals. We know that coaches also play the role of mentor and guidance counselor and we want to empower coaches who will in turn inspire the players,” said Trivern Chetty, Brand Manager- Sports and Energy at The Coca-Cola Company.

Manufacturers use several trade promotion tools:

–straight discount (also called a price-off, off-invoice, or off-list).

–allowance (usually so much off per case).

–free goods.

–free specialty advertising items.


Even if one of the most effective tools is personal selling for the process of purchase, PowerAde did not use tools of personal selling so much. The company found different ways like direct marketing and sales promotions to build relationship with consumer.


The aim of the usage of Direct marketing tools is to appeal to specific persons like man do sports. So due to the features of direct marketing like being customized and interactive, PowerAde used some tools of direct marketing.


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